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out. "We have gained expertise in clean processes, material efficiency and energy efficiency, and getting all the processes to use less energy and produce fewer emissions may well become the most important type of environmental know-how we can provide." "The country is one of the best investment destinations in Europe and is home to several companies that are leaders in their respective spheres of technology." which makes these products suitable for installation even in areas where wind energy has not traditionally been used as a source of electricity generation." According to Srinivasan, wind energy is rapidly attracting the attention of traditional power utilities as an alternative form of renewable energy. He believes that there are also several independent investors who want to harness wind power and produce energy with it. "The European market is growing significantly, especially in Sweden, Italy, Germany and Spain. There is also considerable market potential for wind energy in India and in the United States. "We believe that there is potential for generation of several hundred megawatts of power using Winwind technology," Srinivasan says. Investing in Finland From a foreign investor's perspective, what makes Finnish environmental technology companies attractive investment targets? "Finland is one of the best investment destinations in Europe," Srinivasan notes. "It is home to several companies that are leaders in their respective spheres of technology. "The government has adopted a number of proactive investment policies that seek to encourage and nurture the growth of environmental technology companies. These policies allow investors to properly and accurately assess the various risk factors associated with the investment and to include them in the equation to get the best return on their investment." FOCUS 2008 7 Renewable wind energy In today's globalised business environment an increasing number of investors from abroad are investing in Finnish environmental technology. One such investor is Avis Ventures of India (part of the Sterling Infotech Group); Avis Ventures is now the majority shareholder of Winwind Oy, a Finnish producer of wind energy. "We chose to invest in Winwind because they are one of the few companies worldwide with technological expertise in 3-mw wind turbines," says Vaidyanathan Srinivasan of Avis Ventures. "The company's wind turbines have the capacity to generate optimal power even in low wind speed conditions,

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