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recognised forerunner in environmental sustainability and performance, Finland placed first among 146 countries for the third consecutive time in the Environmental Sustainability Index (esi), produced by Yale and Columbia universities and published at the World Economic Forum in 2005. Resource efficiency and an environmentally oriented approach have traditionally been important prerequisites for developing new production technologies in Finland. Backed by world-class environmental research, Finnish companies have gained significant success and international visibility in several sectors of the environmental business, including energy efficiency and clean industrial processes; water and waste management; recycling; and environmental monitoring. Living in a country with a cold climate, long distances, energy-intensive industries, and scarce energy resources (hydropower, wood and peat), the Finns have A Finland placed first among 146 countries for the third consecutive time in the Environmental Sustainability Index. had to develop efficient energy systems. This resourcefulness has fuelled the country's cutting-edge energy technology. And having managed to break the fatal link between economic growth and increases in the amount of municipal waste produced, Finland has the necessary knowhow to assist developing economies and emerging markets in controlling their environmental loads. velopment. Launched in February 2007 by Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, the programme aims to bring together the best environmental innovations, technologies and know-how of smes (small and medium-sized enterprises), especially, for networking and accessing global markets. An important part of this programme is venture capital investments in up-and-coming businesses. The Cleantech Finland programme aims to make clean technology the cornerstone of Finnish industry and position the nation as a leader in the environmental business by 2012. Bringing together the best More than one-third of Finnish exports consist of products and production methods that are marketed as environmentally friendly. Clean technologies include any products, services, processes and systems that are less taxing on the environment than their alternatives. Cleantech Finland is a national programme for environmental business deClustering for the Chinese market The demand for environmental technology is booming on the Asian market, particularly in China. One of the initiatives FOCUS 2008 5

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