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LEADING THE WAY FOCUS 2008 Editor-in-Chief Juha Parikka Editorial Board Henriikka Ahtiainen Soili Helminen Pirkko Karlsson Markus Kokko Liisa Levšnen Mervi Liukkonen Juha Parikka Editorial Staff Sanoma Magazines Finland Custom Publishing Producer Anu Piippo Art Director Ville Koponen Managing Editor Kimmo Holappa Cover photograph Savoy vase designed by Alvar Aalto Cover photograph by Juha Salminen Printed by Libris Oy Publishers Ministry for Foreign Affairs Department for Communication and Culture Kanavakatu 3 C FI-00160 Helsinki Ministry of Employment and the Economy Aleksanterinkatu 4 FI-00170 Helsinki Invest in Finland Kaivokatu 8 FI-00100 Helsinki Finnfacts TAT Group Et. Makasiinikatu 4 FI-00130 Helsinki E nvironmental expertise and the ability to transform technological know-how into profitable business will have a significant role in the future with regards to overcoming environmental challenges. Solving environmental dilemmas has been recognised as a major business opportunity. It is an opportunity for Finland as well, and one that we have seized. As a nation, we are perceived to be an expert in environmental affairs, and have been particularly praised for our ability to handle environmental threats and respond to environmental challenges. Finnish industry has fulfilled its responsibility in environmental protection. At one time, significant investments in water protection were made by the forestry industry. This is partly responsible for the high respect Finland has achieved in international environmental sustainability comparisons. The country also boasts the world's leading use of bio-energy ≠ one of the most interesting areas of development right now. Thanks to a high level of education, high investments in innovation and solid technological know-how, Finland has what it takes to evolve into a globally recognised environmental expert. Responding to climate change has created an entirely new demand, which has led to the realisation that environmental expertise is big business. The global clean technology markets are growing at a rate of more than ten per cent a year. The fastest growing areas are clean technology and, in particular, renewable energy technology. Growth opportunities for Finnish environmental expertise exist in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, recycling, water supply and environmental measuring and monitoring. There is clean technology investment potential in Finland. Approximately 3,000 companies in the country operate in some environmental capacity. The most common areas of operation are the manufacture of clean technology, the efficient use and saving of energy, water supply and wastewater treatment, clean processes, materials, products and recycling. Finland and Finnish companies will be at the forefront of this development as the business of the environment is one of the most important growth areas in the global economy. Erkki Virtanen Permanent Secretary Ministry of Employment and the Economy Juuso Westerlund Tekes Kyllikinpor i 2 FI-00101 Helsinki ISSN 1797-3287 2 FOCUS 2008

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