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EnErgy ยท FOCUS FINLAND 2011 Chempolis use agricultural wastes such as straw and corn stalks to make products including bioethanol, biochemicals and non-wood papermaking fibres. "There are plenty of opportunities around the world to make bio-fuels from agricultural residues or non-food energy crops grown on unused land. The potential is so huge that we could replace almost all of the fossil oil-based liquid fuels used today," points out Pasi Rousu, president of Chempolis's Asia-Pacific operations. "For social sustainability, it's vital that we leave food crops for people. These new uses for agricultural residues can also give farmers a welcome new regular source of income," adds Rousu. Chempolis's trademarked formicobio technology involves cooking up straw or other biomass in a soup of organic solvents including formic acid. "The processes are environmentally sustainable and emissionfree because they obtain their own energy from lignin-derived bio-fuel products. The resulting bio-refining fractions can all be sold for different uses. Even the nutrient-rich ash can be put back into farmland soils as fertiliser." Chempolis's demo bio-refinery in oulu has been busy running trials using different raw materials. Readily available sources of biomass around the world include straw, rice stalks and residual bagasse from sugar cane processing plants. "We have already sold three licences for new bio-refineries in China, and there is great interest in Southeast Asia, India and latin America," concludes Rousu. Residents in a new housing scheme in Espoo, Finland, will be able to make energy-saving choices easily. A smart system enables them to monitor the consumption of electricity, heat and water in real time. Smart living By FRAN WEAVER Photo By ISTOCKPHOTO wider Smart grids and Energy Markets he 8-storey block will be topped by a set of solar panProgramme run by the Finnish energy and environment cluster's networking els feeding clean electricity company Cleen. The coninto the cept involves minimising property's RESIDEnTS WIll energy use in new urban own smart electricity gET A BETTER housing developments. grid, designed by UnDERFortum's business the energy company STAnDIng oF development manager Fortum. Surplus solar THEIR EnERgy Vesa Koivisto believes the power can be sold and ConSUMPTIon. smart grid's user-friendly fed into the local grid. computer interface, designed at Tampere Fortum and construction company University of Technology, will give Skanska are using this development residents a better understanding of their to test their Sustainable Urban living energy consumption. concept. The pilot scheme is part of the T { } 34

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