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business Into the heart Marcus Kavanne and Pertti Mero, who have begun serving as Finnair Cargo's area directors in Asia, are tasked with developing on two-way air cargo traffic between Asia and Europe. Marcus Kavanne's new base of operations is Mumbai, India. Mumbai ยป BY OUTI AIRAKSINEN PHOTOS BY LAURI MANNERMAA FINNAIR CARGO is able to carry a million kilos' worth of goods between Japan and Finland every month. "We have a good opportunity to offer this capacity in its entirety for our customers to use," says Pertti Mero, who has just been named as Finnair Cargo's regional sales director for Japan and Korea. Mero is pleased with his new home base, as he has dreamed of going to Japan since he was a little boy. In recent years his holiday trips have also often been to Asia. In addition to Japan, Mero is also responsible for Korea. Among his first duties is laying the groundwork for Finnair's five weekly flights between Helsinki and the South Korean capital Seoul, which begin next summer. Finnair Cargo's presence in the growing East Asia market is being reinforced by the appointment of a new regional sales director for India as well. Marcus Kavanne's new base is the 15million strong Mumbai. Kavanne's job is to coordinate and develop the whole Indian sales organisation. "Finnair Cargo's cargo volumes in India by about 400 per cent in a year," Kavanne says. Now Finnair flies to Delhi every day, and last summer began regular flights to Mumbai as well. Appointing Finns to these key positions will help Finnair to develop these regional divisions according to the targets that have been set and speeds up cooperation between various areas. "Besides advancing cargo transport from India to Scandinavia, we can also help with exports in the other direction. It's important that we speak the same language and know the needs of export industries in Finland and its nearby areas," Mero says. SPEED AND SUSTAINABILITY EDGE For several years, Finnair has been reacting to the shift of the world's economic focus toward Asia by investing in new planes among other measures. This year the carrier has expanded its fleet with two new Airbus A340 wide-bodied jets. Next year two more will be delivered. "We have recognised the importance of Asia and significantly boosted capacity in the region." Now, for instance, we have 15 flights a week each way between Finland and Japan," Mero notes. "Finland has a geographic advantage, as it offers the shortest trip from northern Europe to the Asian markets. Speed gives us a clear advantage," Kavanne says. In the future, along with speed, environmental issues will also begin to play a growing role in tipping the balance. This is a subject that Finnair takes seriously. 6 CARGO NEWS 3 | 2007

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