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news Direct flights to Seoul NEW DESTINATIONS Finnair will begin non-stop flights from Helsinki to Seoul, South Korea in June 2008. "Thanks to Finnair's European network, we can now offer the fastest connections between major cities in the Far East and the principal cities of Europe," explains Henrik Arle, Finnair's executive vice-president, scheduled passenger traffic. Finnair flights will land at Seoul's Incheon International Airport. There will be five departures weekly from Helsinki with a flight time of approximately nine hours. » editorial Two companies with a single goal THE FOCUS OF our cargo operations and sales and marketing has more and more shifted to the international market, and to the Far East in particular. On the other hand, terminal operations at Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport are part of the logistic transportation chain and therefore remain an integral part of our business. We are bringing new efficiency to our growing operations by separately incorporating the freight terminal The Far East functions of Finnair Cargo Oy in a new company, Finnair Terminal Operations Oy. Finnair has now Cargo Oy will concentrate on freight sales and become the continue to operate as a transportation comprincipal pany. Both companies have the same managefocus for ment and are part of the Finnair Finnair Group. Our companies airfreight. operate in different circumstances and under competitive conditions, so it is advantageous to be able to oversee important commercial undertakings on their own terms and to allocate resources to them separately. Transparency will make both operations more competitive, with the primary benefit going to our customers. PHOTO JUHA SALMINEN » » Seoul will become Finnair's eleventh destination in the Far East. Finnair orders Airbus A330 aircraft FLEET Finnair has placed orders for six Airbus A330 with options for a further four aircraft of this type. The airline is due to take delivery of two more Airbus A340 aircraft next year, with the A330s arriving in 2009 to 2010. The new additions will replace all of Finnair's Boeing MD-11 long-haul aircraft. The twinengined A330 is about 20 per cent more fuel efficient than the airline's current MD-11s. Both Airbus models seat 270 passengers with 42 in Business Class, but they differ in range and cargo capacity. The A330 will be used for shorter long-haul flights and on routes with less demand for air freight. A fully laden A340 is capable of reaching more distant destinations. » Antero J. Lahtinen Managing Director Finnair Cargo Ltd. C A RG O Published by Finnair Cargo Oy, Rahtitie 1 A, Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, FI-01053 Finnair. Tel. +358 9 81881 Editor-in-Chief: Erkka Suvikumpu, Produced by Sanoma Magazines Finland Producer: Eeva-Maria Lidman, Graphic design: Anu Pyykkö, Managing Editor: Johanna Hytönen Printed by Uusimaa Oy, Porvoo 2007 2 CARGO NEWS 3 | 2007

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