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customercase Art experiences from the ends of the Earth Works of art make long voyages to delight audiences in faraway parts of the world. Art logistician Riitta Rajalin of Helsinki's Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art specialises in solving challenges related to transporting artwork. BYOUTIAIRAKSINENPHOTOSBYJUHASALMINENand SUSANNAKEKKONEN As soon as I step in through the museum's front door, my attention is captured by a dream-like creation hanging from the ceiling. Renowned Korean contemporary artist Do Ho Suh's depiction of his childhood home's fa├žade, made of translucent green fabric, is a centrepiece of Kiasma's `Drawn in the Clouds' exhibition. This work, eight metres long and five metres wide, was flown from Seoul to Helsinki to display for the Finnish audience. "When you do this kind of work, you can't be too uptight. In dealing with art"Ifneedbe, conservators evaluatethe conditionofthe artworkatvarious stagesofthetrip." ists, you have to be tolerant of last minute changes and understand the creative process," says Riitta Rajalin, who is responsible for Kiasma's art transport logistics. Each Kiasma exhibition requires months of advance work. A major show may involve loaning and transporting hundreds of works of art from various parts of the world. Once an exhibit's theme has been confirmed, a group of curators begins sifting through international art and selecting works that suit the idea. After the works are chosen, the practical responsibility shifts over to the art logistician. "If a work is owned by a private collector, he or she may have very utopian ideas of how the piece should be handled. Some, for instance, will only agree to a loan if we can transport it without anyone touching it. Loans between museums usually go much more smoothly," says Rajalin. Rajalin, Finland's only registrar with the title of art logistician, is responsible for organising Kiasma's movement of artwork. 4 CARGONEWS 3|2008

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