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"Air cargo capacity is rising, but airplanes still fly at the same speed. Ground transport is decisive in how quickly deliveries reach their destinations." » Camilla Karhunen (left.), Jari Merilahti and Hanna Rissanen. The company celebrated its 60th anniversary in April. Varova now has 170 employees, most of them working in the offices. "We're like a travel agency for deliveries," says Camilla Karhunen, Varova's director of human resource development. "When we get an order, we make a plan for the best way to arrange it based on the client's wishes." Karhunen's post as head of HRD is a new one, but strategically significant since Varova's mission statement lists its staff as its most important resource. "That is not just a cliché; it's a commitment. In terms of our workforce, we are guided by the principles of reciprocity, a lifespan approach and support for professional know-how. We have focused on these," Karhunen says. This policy is partially based on difficulty in recruiting skilled workers, even though staff turnover at the firm is low. "People really enjoy working here, so we have been able to attract new personnel through word of mouth. Varova tries to treat its workers as individuals and to support them in various stages of their lives. If the employer is flexible then employees are also flexible," says Karhunen, adding that the firm's human resources policy remains based on Leevi Laitinen's philosophy. Finnair Cargo has also noticed that recruitment of people with logistics knowhow has become more difficult. Varova has set as a target becoming the most innovative player in the sector. The company is moving toward this goal through various innovation groups, seminars and team meetings. "Innovation does not mean reinventing the wheel," Karhunen says. "Rather, we reexamine every single thing we do, take them apart and consider how they could work better." 2 | 2008 CARGO NEWS 7

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