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news Calculate your flight emissions Finnair has installed an online emissions calculator with which you can determine the distance, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for travel to any of the airline's regular or leisure destinations. Domestic and European flights are flown on Airbus A320 jets, long-haul flights on Airbus A340s and leisure flights on Boeing 757 aircraft. For flights between Europe and Asia, the calculator also indicates fuel consumption and emissions if you were to fly by way of Copenhagen, Frankfurt or Amsterdam for comparison purposes. You can access the calculator at www.finnair. com/emissionscalculator » editorial Open doors to Korea! IN EARLY JUNE, Finnair opened a direct air link between Helsinki and the South Korean capital Seoul. We are hardly a newcomer to the area's cargo business, though. Finnair Cargo had an established position in the Korean air freight market long before direct flights began. Until now, cargo between Korea and Europe has flown via Japan. With the opening of the Seoul route, Finnair Cargo offers 400,000 kilos worth of cargo capacity per month in either direction. For our customers, this means faster connections and larger volumes. At best, our Korean clients' freight can even reach cities in the NorRegular direct dic and Baltic countries, Russia and the flights boost rest of Europe on the same day. Onward cooperation and connections from Helsinki are smooth thanks to our network of air and ground trade between transport links. Deliveries from Seoul to countries. Korea's other major cities are also possible on the same day that the flight from Helsinki lands. We fly the Helsinki-Seoul route five days a week on new Airbus planes. We are the only Nordic airline to offer both passenger and cargo capacity to and from Korea. Regular direct air links bring nations closer and can help to boost trade between them. I hope that this connection between Korea and Finland will be able to serve our customers in the best possible manner. you the »The emissions calculator tells 2 fuel consumption and CO emissions per passenger and flight. Seoul flights launched Finnair began direct flights between Seoul and Helsinki on June 2. There are five weekly flights in each direction. Departures from Helsinki are on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Flights from Seoul leave every weekday from Monday through Friday. The door is now open ­ Welcome aboard our new route! Pertti Mero Regional Sales Director Korea and Japan Finnair Cargo C A RG O » Seoul is Finnair's 11th Asian destination. 2 CARGO NEWS 2 | 2008 Published by Finnair Cargo Oy, Rahtitie 1 A, Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, FI-01053 Finnair. Tel. +358 9 81881 Editor-in-Chief: Erkka Suvikumpu, Produced by Sanoma Magazines Finland Producer: Eeva-Maria Lidman, Graphic design: Anu Pyykkö, Managing Editor: Johanna Hytönen Printed by Uusimaa Oy, Porvoo 2008 PHOTO JUHA SALMINEN

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