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Different colours of LEDs help with various phases of a plant's growth. plants, or taken to the second floor, where crops being But consciousness-raising isn't the Urban Farm's only grown include bell peppers, passion fruit, and strawpurpose. A display on the first floor points out that berries -and where built-in trays under each of the offices with plenty of greenery have better air quality, chairs are used to store germinating seeds. including lower concentrations of both carbon dioxide All of this wouldn't be so surprising if, say, Pasona and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). What's more, manufactured fertilizers, built tractors, or designed says the display, "indoor plants and green space help genetically modified crops. But reduce stress, improve speed and Pasona is first and foremost a accuracy at tasks, and foster a sense human resources company, providof identity and loyalty." The bottom ing outsourcing, temp staffing, and line: happier workers and increased consultancy services. The "Urban productivity, with less absenteeism INDOOR PLANTS Farm," as they call it, grew out of a and staff turnover. And as if all of AND GREEN desire by the company's founder that weren't enough, the Urban Farm and CEO, Yasuyuki Nambu, to provides Pasona employees with SPACE HELP rekindle interest in agriculture. As another fringe benefit: the eighthREDUCE STRESS. recently as the middle of the twenfloor staff cafeteria serves some of tieth century, 50 per cent of Japan's Tokyo's freshest vegetables! workforce was employed in the There may never come a day agricultural sector, but today the when the average corporation figure has dwindled to only about hosts rice-planting and harvesting four per cent--and because young Japanese are moving ceremonies in its lobby, but with companies such to the cities in ever-growing numbers, it's an elderly as Pasona leading the way, the office of the future four per cent. Increasing dependence on imported just might be a more pleasant place... with more food, the threat of a world oil crisis, and the Westernirutabagas. zation of Japanese eating habits all add to the gloomy outlook for the nation's agricultural sector. FINNAIR FLIES nonstop daily to Tokyo. ENG 48 BLUE WINGS APRIL 2012

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