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FINNAIR INFO CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Social capital Finnair wants to be the Number One choice for qualityand environmentally conscious travellers. The airline participates in a number of environmental and humanitarian projects, and gives its frequent flyers the opportunity to donate expiring Finnair Plus points to various philanthropic initiatives. Here are just a few examples of Finnair's societal involvement in a changing world: · Finnaircooperateswiththe FinnishAssociationforNature Conservation.FinnairPlus membershavebeenableto donatepointstowardsareforestationprojectinMadagascar, whereabout1,500treeshave beenplantedthusfarwithPlus points. · Finnairhasalsojoinedforces withtheBalticSeaAction Group.Aspartofthecollaboration,FinnairPlusmembersto donatepointstowardsBaltic Seacleanupefforts · Finnairhasbeenacorporate partnerofUNICEFsince1994, participatinginitsyearly ChangeforGoodcampaign. · AspartoftheAircraftMeteorologicalDataRelay(AMDAR)program,Finnairprovidesweather measurementstotheFinnish NationalWeatherServiceand toanumberofmeteorological institutesglobally. · Finnairprovidesassistance toareasstruckbyhumanitariancrises.Afterearthquakes inSichuanandHaiti,Finnair fundedtheconstructionofinfrastructureanddeliveredmedical equipment.Whenthe2011 tsunamiandearthquakestruck Japan,theairlinesentbaby formulatotheaffectedareas, andofferedFinnairPlusmemberstheopportunitytodonate ENG 108 BLUE WINGS · · · · pointstotheJapaneseRedCross; aboutthreemillionpointswere donatedtowardsblankets,water bottlesandtinnedfood. Finnairemployeesareofferedcontinuoustrainingand developmentopportunities.The companyconductsanannual 4Dsurveyamongitsemployees thatmeasureswellbeingat work,identifiestrendsandpinpointspotentialproblemareas. FinnairGroupalsomakesuseof virtualmeetingstoreducethe needforunnecessarytravel. ASuntours(Aurinkomatkat) representativeservesasthechair oftheTourOperators'Initiative, whichpromotesenvironmentally sustainabletourism.Suntours, whichispartofFinnairGroup,also sponsorsprogrammesprotecting wildturtlesinThailandandGreece. Throughitscollaborationwith NordicOffset,aFinnishcompany,AREAtravelagencyoffers companiestheopportunityto offsettheircarbonemissions frombusinesstravelbydonating torenewableenergyprojectsin growingmarketssuchasChina andIndia. Finnairhasdonatedoldcabin crewuniforms,blanketsand otherdiscardedmaterialsto UusixandGlobeHope,twoFinnishcompaniesthatturnused materialsintonewdesignitems. Emissions trading begins HAVING BECOME part of the EU's emissions trading scheme in 2012, airlines flying to and from Europe have to reduce their CO2 emissions to 97 per cent of 2004-2006 levels. Airlines are given a number of emissions allowances, and may purchase additional ones as they invest in energy-efficient technologies; funds from sold allowances go towards climate change initiatives. A modern fleet is an efficient way to reduce emissions. Finnair supports a global emissions trading plan that would produce larger-scale results. Schemes confined into geographic regions pose the danger of outside airlines avoiding the emissions trading area, consequently increasing emissions and weakening the competitive position of European airlines. Finnair was one of the first airlines to deliver certified emissions reports of 2010 to the authorities. FEBRUARY 2012

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