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PROMOTION Lahti region ­ A specialist in environmental technology Lahti is a leader in practical, business-oriented innovation. The city is a particularly appealing environment for cleantech companies, as well as for research and educational organisations operating in the field. Lahti has come to specialise in research related to water and soil ecology, environmental biotechnology and renewable energy. In the Lahti region, sustainable development is founded on innovation and is present in the day-to-day lives of the region's residents. A nationwide influence n The Lahti region is one of Finland's most important environmental business, education and research hubs. More than 10% of the country's environmental business operations can be found in Lahti. The Lahti Science and Business Park spearheads the national cleantech cluster. The cluster provides access to over 300 companies in the field, and its operations cover over 60% of the environmental business sector in Finland and 80% of the related research. The centre of all cleantech expertise in Lahti is the Cleantech Park, which operates as part of the Lahti Science and Business Park. Caring for Lake Vesijärvi n The status of Lake Vesijärvi, and its rare ecosystem, is maintained with care and attention. The continuous work and research efforts for the preservation of the lake's ecosystem began in the 1980's. These research, monitoring and maintenance activities are furthered by the University of Helsinki's department of Environmental Sciences in Lahti and by the Lake Vesijärvi Foundation, with support from municipalities and companies across the region.

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