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traVel news compiled by Katja Pantzar Flying time from Helsinki to Dubai is about six hours. top airlines ReadeRs of American consumer magazine Travel + Leisure have voted Finnair as second best airline in Europe, and 12th best airline in the world. "Kudos to Finnair for showing the biggest improvement of any airline in the Top 20," writes the magazine in its October issue. "Vaulting from last year's position at No. 28, it ratcheted up both its inflight service and customer service." T direct to dubai and dubroVnik "For passengers departing from Asia, Finnair offers very fast onward connections to a comprehensive european route network, which dubrovnik will complement." The dubai route has been opened in response to increasing demand. "We want to improve our service continuously and offer our customers smoother connections to dubai," says iho. dubrovnik, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, features an old city that is a UNeSco World Heritage site. The city and emirate of dubai, part of the United Arab emirates, is located south of the persian Gulf on the Arabian peninsula. istockphoto Euro Effie award win wo new destinations join the Finnair roster. Scheduled flights from Helsinki to dubai (previously a charter destination) will operate three times weekly during the winter season until march 23, 2012. in April 2012, a direct route to dubrovnik, located at the southern tip of croatia starts up and runs three times weekly during the summer season until october 10, 2012. "Finnair's position in traffic between Asia and europe is strengthening continually," says Ville Iho, Finnair's senior vice president of operations. "our goal is to double the number of Asian flights to 140 flights per week by 2020. local hero win FinnaiR won a Silver Euro Effie award in recognition of its Local Heroes marketing campaigns in Manchester, England and Düsseldorf, Germany. in transit HeLsinki aiRpoRT is Northern Europe's busiest long-haul traffic airport, a major hub between Asia and Europe. Of the 560 million euros invested in development during the past 12 years, 25 million euros has gone to the renovation of the old terminal, which will be completed this fall. Beijing daxing inTeRnaTionaL aiRpoRT aims to be the world's largest airport. When completed in 2015, it will be equivalent to the size of the island of Bermuda. seouL's incHeon aiRpoRT is reportedly the world's first airport to have an ice rink. onboard or not? a new, free web service assists passengers in determining what can be taken onboard and what needs to be checked in. www.whattobring enG 10 blue winGs noVeMber 2011

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