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my kind of ToWn Svante Hampf once sampled 132 cups of coffee in one day. kaTja panTzar The Market Square's outdoor café on May Day. A turning point in his career proved to be one cupping about four years ago where hampf sampled an excellent sun-dried ethiopian Coffee. The coffee was a selection from the sidamo region consisting of only the ripest cherries dried on raised beds, not on the ground were coffee in ethiopia are usually dried. "I remember thinking how different that coffee tasted from what I was used to," recalls hampf. "It was exciting to find out that there are so many varieties and how little people knew about them in Finland." Now Kaffa Roastery tests coffees from more than 200 farms around the world each year. As much as the eager roaster would like to visit each farm himself, hampf needs to rely on an agent. A typical day for hampf begins with tasting a sample from a new farm or a new brew under development. his personal record to date has been sipping 132 cups in one day. "on that day I had to use a spit cup," he admits. Fairly traded coffee is important to the young coffee maker, who regards today's coffee world as far from fair. For one kilo of coffee, roughly 7 000 beans must be collected and selected by hand. The average price of two euros per one kilogram of beans leaves very little for the farmer. To positively influence the situation, hampf buys directly from small farms. "We pay two to three times more than Fairtrade (the strategy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development) and sell our coffee directly to consumers, cafés and restaurants." Kaffa Roastery also donates 50 per cent of the price of all coffees to the Coffee Kids organisation which helps improve the lives of coffee-farming families. When it comes to café culture in helsinki, hampf sees it as a work in progress. big chains haven't taken over yet, and there is still plenty of room for new trends and entrepreneurs. "The city's best-known cafés are not known for the high quality of their coffee. Today we are still a bit alone, but hopefully there will be more small entrepreneurs in the city." For those who want a glimpse of the future, hampf recommends travelling to Copenhagen or Japan. The first is known for its excellent baristas and small roasteries, the latter for its top quality café culture and future trends. Kaffa roastery, pursiMiehenKatu 29 a, la torrefazione, aleKsanterinKatu 50,

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