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YOU WORKOUT. WE COACH. JEANS GET LOOSER. NATALIA Graduate and gym goer. Three years of hard studying (and partying) had taken their toll and it was now time to get back in shape. So she hired a personal trainer and he recommended heart rate training with Polar. It tells you how hard and for how long you need to workout, to get the result you want. In short, heart rate training means you never waste any time so you get fit and lose weight more quickly. For Natalia it was a revelation. Her Polar FT60, with its unique STAR Training Program, gave her all the guidance and motivation she needed to train efficiently. It set her clear weekly goals to work to. And at the end of each week, rewarded her with a digital trophy if she completed her program. When she didn't, it encouraged her to do better next time. Today she's in the shape of her life. Her new career as a model has taken off and she's married to her personal trainer. And her Polar FT60, of course. To watch Natalia's story and discover how the FT60 can coach you, visit FT60 sets you weekly targets Shows you're exercising in the right zone Rewards you when you complete your program

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