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UNIQUE FINNISH DESIGN Soon a large pod of common dolphins appear nearby. Their yellow bellies shine through the clear water as the females try to attract the males to mating games. We watch them for a while and then move on to a group of bottlenose dolphins. They are busy eating, accompanied by a large flock of brown gull-like birds. Together the dolphins and birds attack a school of fish just below the surface. Soon there is a fishy smell in the air as the two-pronged assault pays off. Next we nearly bump into two blue sharks, but unfortunately the sea around the Azores does not reveal any more of its animal treasures today. The two-hour whale safari is over. On the return trip, we marvel at a rain front rising over the island of São Miguel and a string of pearly white villages. fishy BusinEss Despite the views that have already inspired us to come back, we're a little disappointed by the absence of whales, and step into a seaside restaurant to soothe our spirits. Wherever there is a beach, there's also an enjoyable restaurant or two. The soup of the day usually costs about one euro, a coffee 65­80 cents and a small beer one euro or less. The Portuguese prefer bottled beer (garrafa) while the tourists opt for pints (caneca). The mainstay of the Azores' fishing industry is tuna. Oddly enough, the islanders themselves do not care much for the fish, so it only plays a minor role in the traditional cuisine. On restaurant menus it's listed as albacora, and served thoroughly fried unless otherwise requested. Most of the tuna is exported to Japan and elsewhere, but it is also used as raw material by the islands' fish-processing companies. The range of Atlantic fish on restaurant menus is astonishing: a typical array includes tuna as well as forkbeard (abrótea), sea bream (axillary), Atlantic chub mackerel (cavala), blue jack mackerel (chicharro), swordfish (espadarte), various rays (raia), striped red mullet (salmonete) and sardine (sardinha). The Azoreans usually grill their fish, though some types may be either grilled or deep-fried, and some small species such as mackerel are only deep-fried. The most common marine mollusc is calamari (also known as lula or squid), which are also most often grilled (lulas grelhadas). Also worth a try is oven-baked octopus (polvo assado no forno). A local speciality are the snail-like limpets (lapas). Served grilled in their shells, they make a tasty appetizer. Popular Portuguese beers such as Sagres and Super Bock are available at local restaurants, along with the Azores' own beer Melo Abreu, whose brewery is located in central Ponta Delgada. In addition to Pico and Graciosa, Terceira too JYVÄSKYLÄ Vasarakatu 9 A rak.b +358-(0)14-337 9000 TOKYO M-Aalto Corporation Miyai Bldg. 4FI, 3-4-6 Ningyo-cho +81-(0)3-3249-1794 HELSINKI Pohjoisesplanadi 23 +358-(0)9-6811 7513 DRIEHUIS Brusman Agencies B.V. Driehuizerkerkweg 77 NL-1985 HA DRIEHUIS +31-(0)-255-517119 HAMBURG Karvinen Neuer Wall 43 D-20354 Hamburg +49-(0)40-352007 SANTIAGO DE CHILE Quena Nueva costanera 3705 Vitacura +56-02-8864004

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