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From the exotic to the everyday "T ravel was the `Big Thing' back then," says Helena Kaartinen, Finnair cabin attendant since 1979. "A holiday trip to a foreign country was the centre of conversation for friends and family. You'd have a few drinks [onboard] to celebrate. It's impossible now to imagine the smoke and its smell: the cabin resembled a pub or a cocktail bar. Nobody talked about the healthy effects of drinking water in those days! "Tax-free products were also cheap and sales were high. Finnish Fazerin Sininen [Fazer's Blue] chocolate was a big favourite [and still is]. Toblerone was also popular, although not everyone got the name right ­ you might have heard it referred to as Trelleborg or Ropletone," she says. Helena started her career on flights operated by KarAir, Finnair's leisure flight subsidiary until the mid-1990s. She headed mainly for the Mediterranean in the summers and to the Canary Islands in the winter. During her years as a student, before becoming a flight attendant, she had worked as an "airport hostess" during the summers. "Our job description was to look after the different needs of arrivals and departures, and to give special help for families with children and old people, for example. Before my university on busy days, between 12,000­15,000 meals are served on finnair flights. "The biggest surprise is that flying has grown to be so common and everyday," says Helena Kaartinen. MAY­JUNE 2010 BLUE WinGs 37

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