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finnairinfo GENERAL INFLIGHT TIPS Avoid dehydration by drinking at least 2 decilitres of non-alcoholic beverage per hour. Consumption of beverages with alcohol or caffeine should be limited, though. Wear loose, comfortable clothing made of natural fabrics. Move your feet and legs as much as possible, curling and tensing them from time to time. When possible, stroll around the cabin and stretch. Consider the use of knee-length gradient compression stockings, especially if you have extra risk factors for slower circulation or blood clotting. If in doubt, consult your physician. Welcome Aboard AT THE START of each flight, the cabin crew presents safety information, which is also listed on the safety instruction card in the seat pocket. Safety belts must remain fastened when the "Fasten safety belt" sign is on. For safety reasons we recommend keeping them fastened even when the sign has been switched off. During the flight, passengers may use MP3, CD or DVD players as well laptop computers when the "Fasten safety belt" sign is off. INFLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT on Boeing MD-11 and Boeing 757 and Airbus A340 aircraft includes music channels, movies and Airshow video screens, which allow passengers to track their flight on a map. On other Airbus planes, these offer route maps as well as short programmes and landscape images from along the route. On intercontinental routes, headphones are available free of charge. On Leisure flights they are sold for three euros, but you may keep them for future use. CHILDREN are offered in-flight books and games. On Boeing 757 and Boeing MD-11 and Airbus A340 aircraft there is music and video entertainment. On intercontinental scheduled flights Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) game consoles can be borrowed free of charge. On Leisure Flights game consoles can be rented for a fee of 8 euros. MEALS OR SNACKS are served on most international flights, as well as complimentary beverages with meals on scheduled flights. There is a charge of 4 euros for cognac, gin, whiskey, vodka and cream liqueur in Economy Class on intercontinental and European flights (not available on short European flights). On Leisure flights, there is a fee for all beverages. In-flight service on domestic flights depends on the duration of the flight. Coffee, tea and a bread roll or pastry are served on longer flights. After 11 am we also serve soft drinks free of charge and alcoholic drinks for a fee on flights to and from Northern Finland. The charges are as follows: beer 3 euros; cider 3,50 euros; wine 4 euros; sparkling wine, cognac and whiskey 5 euros. COSMETICS, SWEETS AND GIFT ITEMS are sold, if time permits, on scheduled flights to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Ljubljana, London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Nuremberg, Paris, Pisa, Prague, Rome, Venice, Vienna and Zürich (except on Embraer aircraft) as well as on Leisure flights within the EU. On some Leisure flights in the EU, passengers may order taxable liquor for their flight home. Tax-free sales are available on Leisure flights outside the EU and on all intercontinental flights. Pre-order products may be ordered at for Leisure flights, scheduled intercontinental flights (except for the flight from Shanghai) and for the flight from Zürich. On the outbound flight orders can be made from a catalogue for the return flight. Try these simple exercises Slowly rotate and flex your ankles and legs while seated. Tense and then relax your calf and thigh muscles. Straighten your arms and gently stretch your neck. 70 BLUE WINGS MAY 2007

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