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traveltech Compiled and written by Laura PaLotie A golfer's sidekick Those who deem golf a lonely, slowpaced game might need to rethink their arguments. GameBook, a hand-held device that makes it possible to compare one's results with other players either in real time on the golf course or later online, brings an interactive element into the game and eliminates the need to handwrite scorecards or wait around for results at larger golf events. GameBook is available as an iPhone application that turns the program into a social network; using their phones, golfers can track the results of other players anywhere in the world, send comments on the progress of their games, and even Hitlantis allows music lovers to directly promote their favourite artists. gather up friends for a weekend round of golf. "We always heard from amateur players that even though they may have started off a round with lots of energy, they often ran out of steam as soon as they ran into a few bad holes. Golf is a difficult game," says Kalle Väinölä, one of the co-founders of Free Drop Innovations, the Finnish company behind GameBook. "The goal behind GameBook is to make the game more fastpaced and interactive, and keep players excited as a result." The GameBook iPhone application, priced at 19.99 US dollars, is available at or at the Apple iTunes Store. aBoVe GameBook, available as an iphone app, connects golfers of all skill levels. SPinninG future hits Aficionados of independin sync AudioPro has come out with two new products that help music lovers keep their devices and album collections synchronised. The AudioPro WF-100 (249 Euros, allows its user to wirelessly transfer music between his or her computer and stereo system; the transfer process takes place between two dongles that attach to both machines. Meanwhile, the Radio One is a new kind of table radio (available with 16 BLue WinGS feBruArY 2010 black, white or red leather encasing) whose Bluetooth capability makes it possible to play a computer's mp3 collection wirelessly through its speakers (199 euros, www.finnairplusshop. com). Those who are in the market for top-notch speakers only can opt for the LV2 wireless speaker set (760 euros). All products are available at www. and in Capi-Lux stores. aBoVe Stylish radio one can be used as a radio or a wireless speaker for a computer's mp3 collection. ent music are known to make every effort to help enable their favourite artists' future success. Meanwhile, musicians of the online era have come to value self-promotion on equal par with live gigs as a way of winning over new fans. In an effort to make maximum use of this modern fan-to artist symbiosis, a new music streaming service aims to turn listener numbers into largescale exposure for emerging artists. The brainchild of Ville Valo, the lead singer of charttopping Finnish band HIM, Hitlantis features exclusively independent music and offers participating bands 90 percent of final profits. "From the discussions we've had with indie bands it has become clear that lesser-known groups value not only the internet, which can help attract followers all over the world, but also live gigs, whether they be at a small club or a large festival. The size of the venue doesn't matter; what's important is the live feedback from fans. And through Hitlantis, we've tried to find a way to combine these two avenues and help bands along in their careers," says Hitlantis CEO Marcus tilgmann. Unsigned bands can upload their material onto Hitlantis by paying a monthly fee of five euros. Listeners, in turn, can choose to stream material for free or download songs for up to 50 cents apiece. The more listeners and paid downloads, the more visible an artist becomes on the Hitlantis home page. Artists who attract attention on Hitlantis have the possibility of getting booked at one of Europe's music festivals or having their music played on a Hitlantis Top 10 list ­ a Finnish version already exists, while negotiations with Swedish, German and British radio stations are underway. Most recently, Hitlantis teamed up with Helsinki-based club Tavastia to organize a monthly showcase for buzzworthy Finnish bands. Hitlantis was introduced to international audiences at the MIDEM convention in Cannes in late January. Its founders' goal is to go from approximately 350 bands to 125,000 by the end of the year, and grow its user base to 1.25 million.

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