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"I'm always trying to get more out of myself, and I'm rarely satisfied. But I love it that my life's moving forward." Over the last ten years Krook has chosen to take a serious look at her career, and improve as an artist. "This work remains unseen, and can be frustrating, but nobody else can find your strengths except you yourself. Right now I strongly feel that this is my time. I'm always trying to get more out of myself, and I'm very rarely satisfied. But I love it that my life's moving forward!" THE KROOK METHOD Krook relies on honesty and is uncompromising in her work. "I want to keep the feeling that drives my work. If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing well." Making a career is far from simple even for such a talented artist. Krook has devised her own method for overcoming problems related to stage fright and her own perfectionism. "The more problems I'm faced with, the more I also see gifts waiting to be accepted. Self-discipline is the key to everything. People want quick solutions, but you have to give yourself time to think. Buddhists believe that the process of reflection should take 21 days. The only way to speed this up is by closing out the outside world and emptying your mind. Everyone can find their own way to do this," says Krook. "You have to take time off for yourself, and relax for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day, and make sure you get enough sleep. This balances your nervous system. I try to be more selfish and protect my own resources more carefully." Krook feels that whenever you solve a problem, you learn something new.

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