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travelnews Travel columns compiled and written by KATJA PANTZAR Mumbai's the word FINNAIR FLIGHTS to India will quadruple, as a new Finnair route to Mumbai launches in June. Mumbai, also known previously as Bombay, will be served by a non-stop route from Helsinki five days a week. Moreover, in mid-May the current thrice weekly frequency for flights to the Indian capital of Delhi will become daily. "By adding to its Indian scheduled traffic now, Finnair is ensuring its presence in these fast growing markets," says Henrik Arle, Finnair's deputy CEO. In response to strong demand, the number of weekly flights to India will increase from the current three to 12, while there will also be an increase in flights to China. Finnair's traffic to and from China will increase in mid-May, as non-stop Hong Kong services increase from four times a week to seven days a week. Non-stop services will continue over the next winter timetable season. The Chinese network will be further strengthened with the addition of a fourth weekly flight to Guangzhou. As a result of the increases in Indian and Chinese traffic, onward flights from Bangkok to Singapore will no longer be operated. Singapore and the flights previously planned for Kuala Lumpur will be served in cooperation with partner airlines. Mumbai, India's most populous city, offers business and leisure travellers a wealth of opportunities. Daily to Osaka JAPANESE traffic is also experiencing Smart seating FINNAIR'S Airbus A320 aircraft are to be fitted with a new, light structure seating that makes it possible to add as many as 15 seats to configurations. The Recaro Slimline CL3510 seating model uses new technology and modern design to maintain plentiful legroom even though seats are closer together. As a result of this extra seating, Finnair's capacity on European and domestic routes will increase by five per cent. Another significant Osaka is Japan's historical commercial capital. a boom, and Finnair will begin flying between Helsinki and Osaka daily from the end of May. "Thanks to the additional frequencies, Finnair becomes the third largest western airline operating between Europe and Japan," says Petteri Kostermaa, vice president of network strategies and management. Next summer Finnair will have two daily flights to Japan, when the current number of weekly flights goes up from 11 to 15." effect of the lighter weight seating will be savings in fuel consumption of almost one million euros a year. The change will cut the overall weight of the A320, for instance, by 850 kg, and lower carbon-dioxide emissions by nearly ten per cent. Shining star HELSINKI'S luxury Hotel Kämp has again received glowing praise. The readers of Global Traveller, an American business travel magazine, have voted Hotel Kämp as Europe's best hotel in 2006. Hotel Kämp: In the lap of luxury. Traveller of the year HUSKY RESCUE singer ReetaLeena Korhola won the firstever Traveller of the Year award at the recent Matka 2007 Travel Fair, which is the biggest travel fair in the Nordic countries. Korhola, an enthusiastic adventurer, has been to India, England, Croatia, Spain, the Arab Emirates, Egypt, Russia, Ireland, China, Greece, Germany and Sweden ­ all in the last two years. Her prize is a trip to the Galapagos Islands. MARCH 2007 BLUE WINGS 11

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