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Japanese-inspired health break Travel to Stockholm for a unique getaway. Japanese tranquility with a Swedish twist is on offer at the Yasuragi Hasseludden spa hotel, located minutes from downtown Stockholm. Water is a purifier in Japanese culture; in keeping with this tradition the spa's many baths provide a wondrous calming effect using H2O. Other treatments include massages, facials, Shiatsu and body scrubs. Finnair Plus members earn 500 points per room per person. Use the Finnair Plus card to receive a ten per cent discount on all treatments. Affordable gift vouchers are also available. Yasuragi Hasseludden Hassle-free travel packages Looking for a fun travel package with minimal hassle? Scancoming and Scancoming Incoming is a unique and longstanding company that supplies travel services. Scancoming, as a Finnair Plus partner, provides Finnair Plus members with money + points offers. Options include accommodation + theatre tickets/green fees/set-menu dinners/sightseeing tour packages in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands. All the latest offers are available on Finnair's website. Enjoy your Plus benefits FINNAIR PLUS is a rewarding frequent flyer program, open to all Finnair passengers. Children age 2 to 17 can join the Finnair Junior Plus program. Members can earn Finnair Plus points on Finnair flights and those of oneworld partners as well as other Finnair Plus partner airlines. Points can also be collected when using the services of Finnair Plus partners, such as hotels and car rental companies. Points are valid for five years from the date of transaction. FINNAIR OFFERS its frequent flyers a wide variety of benefits and award options for redeeming points. Collected points may be used for flights, hotel stays, car rentals or Top Club tours. THERE ARE FOUR Finnair Plus tiers: basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You begin collecting points at the basic Plus tier, and then move up to higher tiers by collecting qualifying tier points. MORE INFORMATION about Finnair Plus program and collecting points is available online at (select site) > Finnair Plus. The Finnair website also allows you to check your points balance, special offers and book award flights on Finnair. Amélie Dupont New MP3 tour guides If you enjoy understanding a destination's history and culture, then the Play&Tour city guide is for you. Load a city guide onto your MP3 device and listen to the audio as you explore the city of your choice. The guides are periodically updated. And what's best, the Play&Tour audio guide is less expensive than a traditional printed guidebook: only 9.90 + 1,000 Finnair Plus points for Finnair Plus members. Audio guides are available for Amsterdam, Barcelona, London and more than ten other European cities. Guides are for sale on Finnair's website. Edyta Pawlowska Finnair Plus Basic Silver Gold Platinum Required tier points 0> 60,000 120,000 300,000 oneworld ­ Ruby Sapphire Emerald More information from

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