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PACE YOUR MEALS Our body functions based an internal clock. When it's in sync with our environment, we feel well. With a contemporary lifestyle, one's clock often runs a bit slowly. The results are tiredness and restless nights. Studies are underway into how the quality and timing of our meals affect our internal clocks. Preliminary results indicate that it's a good idea to consume most of our daily calorie intake before 6 pm so that we have time to burn them during the day. Thus our weight remains more in control. After six, it's best to avoid carbohydrates, which provide energy. Instead, consume proteins. As it's harder to control what you eat on work trips and at business dinners, it's wisest to sample a little of everything. If you need to stay awake at night for work, eat snacks containing carbohydrates. It's not yet clear whether the quality of carbohydrates makes a difference. It's clear, however, that a low fat diet is beneficial for our bodily rhythms while a high-fat diet slows them down. EXERCISE TO ENERGISE Exercise keeps us energetic and activates the nervous system, metabolism, lymph and blood circulation. Few people nowadays get enough exercise naturally through our work and everyday lives. Anyone who is busy and in poor condition should start to boost his or her fitness moderately by relaxing, stretching, walking and strengthening the central body muscles. Engaging in perspiration-inducing exercise two or three times a week will improve basic fitness levels. JANUARY 2009 BLUE WINGS 63

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