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travelart Compiled and written by BRONWEN SCOTT PALOMÄKI A still from "Dwelling" (2002) by Hiraki Sawa, Courtesy of James Cohan Gallery, New York Courtesy of Galerie Lehmann & Maupin Photo: Pirje Mykkänen / Kuvataiteen keskusarkisto "North Wall" (2005) by Do Ho Suh. "Antenna" (2004) by Li Wei Much of the art on display projects the feeling of floating. Defying gravity THE COMING WEEKS offer the last chance to see artworks by some of Asia's rising contemporary artists in the exhibit "Drawn in the Clouds," showing at Helsinki's Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma to the end of the month. The exhibit features works by 12 artists from Korea, China and Japan whose content goes beyond the boundaries of everyday reality, and gives some insight into Asia's steadily momentum-gaining modern cultural spirit. Much of the art projects the feeling of floating, or defying gravity, and is displayed in the museum's "offspaces" such as a small passageway, the main entrance, a staircase, the café, and even a closet. Do Ho Shu's breath-like, transparent bright green textile which replicates the facade of the traditional Petri Virtanen / Kuvataiteen keskusarkisto Korean house in which he grew up, is being exhibited for the second time only, and hangs freely in Kiasma's foyer. Hiraki Sawa's hypnotic video playing in one of the museum's cleaning storage closets whose door remains cate paper cutting, Yuken Teruya juxtaposes modern globalised consumerism with the beauty and delicacy of old cultural traditions. A portion of Yoko Ono's work in the show dates back to 1961, yet the way it draws the The exhibit provides insight into Asia's modern cultural spirit. wide open, shows toy-sized aeroplanes flying realistically inside the artist's London residence. Japanese-born Chiharu Shiota has metal frames suspended from above in an open space between galleries, which surround everyday objects such as a tricycle and a dress, which are, in turn, cocooned in black wool intersecting neatly at countless angles. Using a McDonald's fast food paper bag for his intriviewer's attention to the world-embracing sky, remains refreshingly unconventional and relevant. Finnair is a sponsor of the "Drawn in the Clouds," which runs to February 1, 2009 and is part of Finnair's 85th anniversary celebration. Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma Mannerheiminaukio 2, Helsinki JANUARY 2009 BLUE WINGS 19 "State of Being" (2008) by Chiharu Shiota.

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