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Besides Russia, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East are markets worth watching. Bus and traintrips to Russia Visas to Russia & Hotels tel: +358 2 2504655 Ad.Aninkaistenkatu 12, 20100 Turku, Finland www.turunnevatours. SIMPLY THE BEST Chic, Cool & Dance Black Jack According to the "Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2008" survey commissioned by the Urban Land Institute and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Moscow, Istanbul and Hamburg will be the most interesting growth spots in the European economic region from a real estate investor's point of view in the near future. From the Finnish business community's perspective, St Petersburg is more important as a regional growth area than Moscow, says Vanhanen. "This economic area of eight million people is as close to Helsinki as Jyväskylä. When St Petersburg was the Russian capital and the imperial court there was strong, this had a positive influence on all of Finland. So why not in the future as well?" Besides Russia, Vanhanen is keeping an interested eye on markets in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. "There are six times as many people in Asia as in Europe. There are many interesting submarkets in Asia. Urbanisation has taken off, and the economic structure is generally healthy, which boosts consumption. In Latin America, for instance, Brazil has bigger oil reserves than was previously thought, which is bolstering its competitiveness. There are also interesting but more closed markets in the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Bahrain, there is plenty of capital and wealth ­ as well as interest in international cooperation projects."

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