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"You only realise how much good there is in life after something bad happens." The conservatory-trained Turunen says she also still dreams of a career in classical music. She says she is thinking of arranging a chamber-music tour of Asia two years from now. After all, she has already faced many major changes in life. In 2000, unexpectedly falling in love with Cabuli changed her life profoundly. The two met for the first time in Chile, when Cabuli was working as Nightwish's South American tour manager. Turunen and Cabuli's love affair caught fire during the tour, although she insists it was not a case of love at first sight. Turunen says she was enchanted by Cabuli's ability to talk and share time with others. "And those brown eyes of course ­ my, oh my...." Returning home without Cabuli after the last shows of the tour was awful, she recalls. Fortunately the attraction was mutual, and the man38 BLUE WINGS JUNE­AUGUST 2008 ager soon found himself following Turunen to Helsinki. Nowadays, along with handling Turunen's business affairs, Cabuli still runs his Latin American metal record label, NEMS Enterprises. She insists that their relationship does not suffer from the fact that they live, work and travel closely together. "We share the same interests, so everyday life is a celebration," she says. "We enjoy this work so much that it's a passion in itself." In earlier interviews, Turunen has called Cabuli a realist, who keeps this sensitive, uncertain artist in line in his role as manager. "That's how it is," she confirms. "I'm completely crazy! Completely an emotional person who takes artistic license whenever possible, or I would, if Marcelo didn't keep me in line," Turunen says. Early this year the couple had a rare holiday together on the Caribbean island of Antigua. They share a love of diving, which has taken them to underwater worlds in Venezuela, Thailand and Ibiza as well as the cold waters of Argentina and Finland.

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